Integrative Minding

For Personal thriving

Working Definition of Integrative Minding

Integrative Minding is defined as the theory and practice of mindful personal development in relation to pedagogical, professional and planetary development, grounded in expansive knowing, fulfilled in transpersonal potential, facilitated by 1:1 helping, achieved through psychological capacity.

The Four Modalities of Integrative Minding Defined


EduSynthesis defines the goal of integrative minding in the modality of transpersonal potential. This involves one’s spiritual development envisioned as a cohesive set of mindfulness-based practices


EduSynthesis defines the instrument of integrative minding in the modality of psychological capacity balancing different modes of mindful psyche that make up the whole person


EduSynthesis defines the direction of integrative minding in the modality of 1:1 facilitation seeking to balance different modes of helping the client, student or colleague in their self-directed learning and mindful personal development


EduSynthesis defines the ground of integrative minding in the modality of expansive knowing, harmonising embodied modes of epistemology engaged in mindful reflective practice

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