Mindfulness-based Coaching

For Wellbeing, Resilience and Sustainability

The four core components of Dr Tim's practice using the Spirit Gym approach


Facilitating personal development

We practise the principles and methods of self-directed coaching in which the client takes the lead in identifying what interventions will most help them:

1: Cathartic interventions: helping you to process feelings and emotions affecting your resilience

2: Supportive interventions: helping you recognise your personal significance in life and work

3: Catalytic interventions: helping you clarify and determine your own priorities for action 

4: Sometimes more informative, prescriptive and confrontational interventions can also be used if the client requests more instructive guidance and as long as these do not undermine their autonomy



Enhancing Transpersonal Development

We follow the Spirit Gym approach in coaching clients to engage in eight mindful practices in which you wish to become more effective:

Practice 1: Redirecting Motivation

Practice 2: Transforming Emotions

Practice 3: Living Ethically

Practice 4: Training Attention

Practice 5: Refining Awareness

Practice 6: Cultivating Wisdom

Practice 7: Serving Others

Practice 8: Sustaining Future Generations

Appreciative Inquiry

Realising Positive Change

We follow the Spirit Gym approach of using appreciative inquiry for life-affirming positive engagement :


The Enneagram

Enhancing Personality Dynamics

Our coaching  uses the Enneagram map of nine modes of personality to personalise mindful-based practices:

1: The Perfectionist

2: The Giver

3: The Performer

4: The Romantic

5: The Observer

6: The Loyal Skeptic

7: The Epicure

8: the Protector

9: The Mediator

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